You may say I’m a dreamer…

‘You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…’

 This popular lyric from John Lennon rings familiar to us, but does it truly resonate in our own lives?  It makes you think, doesn’t it?  I’ve been reading the book, You Can Do Hard Things and it challenges us to dream big – no matter where we are RIGHT NOW.  So many of us wait for the “right time” or the “right season of life” to conquer the next goal – when in reality the time is now. Personally, I was putting my life on hold when my migraines went from often to chronic – I felt paralyzed and shut down.  I was unable to work, train or really make plans of any kind since I couldn’t predict what kind of day I was going to have.  … and my dreaming muscle stopped flexing, to say the least. 

Don’t let fear, comfort, or excuses get in the way of fulfilling your purposes and your dreams’ 

– Sherilynn Alcala

Commit to yourself

I remember the exact moment I decided I would do a full marathon (26.2 miles), I had only done two half marathons with little training and was fairly inexperienced at the time. Paul and I were flying back from Michigan after visiting for Thanksgiving sitting in the Grand Rapids airport. I was hungry for more and was surfing for training plans when I came across the Novice Hal Higons 12-week plan for marathon. It just hit me like a lighting rod – I CAN DO THIS, I thought to myself?  I committed right then and there!  I looked over to Paul and said, ‘I’m going to do a marathon babes!’ He looked over to me with one headphone half out with a surprised look on his face and replied, ‘Like run it?’ I just smiled and shook my head yes….And the dream of crossing the finish line poured into my head and heart.  I finished in 4:11:23 on April 11, 2011. 

If there is one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s on myself.’

– Beyonce

Find your tribe

I’ve chased some pretty big and scary dreams over the years, but I know I wouldn’t have reached that high without the push and support from my family & friends believing in me. I look back and am so overwhelmed by the impact this made on me as a person.  Some of those dreams I never thought possible (EVER!) I was able to hit because of the support and encouragement from the people around me lifting me up along the way.  As you know, there are TOUGH days and the journey we set on is full of peaks and valleys. 

Especially thankful for my Paul and his sacrifice to give me absolutely everything to be successful as I went on the chase and dreamed BIG! Endurance sports were my life for almost a decade and I was all in – dreaming away! Don’t for one second think you can go at it alone. Any dream takes a team, a ‘dream team!’  If you’re looking for yours, I’m here my friend! 

‘A journey is best measured in friends, than miles’


Don’t hold back

Last week Pastor John at Hope Fellowship finished a series called,  What’s in your backpack? This backpack isn’t the one we bring to school or work, but a spiritual backpack that we carry filled with wounds, burdens, self doubt, insecurities, past experiences, etc. that keeps us weighted down as we journey through life. This series really resonated with me as my personal backpack had been getting heavy dealing with this chronic pain the last several months – I haven’t been able to dream, plan for our future, or really look past each day.  I would laugh and share with friends that I was living in Groundhog day!  I realized what was holding me back and needed to lighten the load. Pastor John shares three things we need to have in our life to start removing items from our backpacks: 

  1. Dedicated time with God
  2. Friends that support you moving closer to God’s purpose
  3. Read the word 

Reading the list seems simple at first, but so often life gets busy and we get distracted. I know I’ve been guilty time and time again. But as I continue to take out the weights and start a new chapter, I’m inspired and encouraged to dream again.  While those dreams are different than finishing my first marathon, placing in a race, or starting Frisco’s first half marathon, I know I’m on the path God has for me… and I’m not holding back!  

‘If you’re brave enough to say goodby, life will reward you with a new hello’ – Paulo Coelho 

Julie SimonYou may say I’m a dreamer…