It Happens for a Reason

This past weekend I was suppose to be in riveting Lawrence, Kansas to compete in my first half ironman. Well, God had other plans for me – teaching moments, character building events and other opportunities which kept me right here me in Dallas. Surprisingly, I entered this weekend with a sense of calmness I haven’t seen before from myself. I guess you could say the signs started to show that I wasn’t suppose to be gone racing – I had commitments here and this body didn’t need to be thrashed through 70.3 miles (just yet!). A dear friends wedding ended up being Saturday, June 7th and Paul and I were so happy to be there in person and celebrate with them! Everything does happen for a reason – even if we don’t see it at the time.

ee39178e44d6ac897ed1a7b515d5ed06I will say this is the first time I have attempted to gear up for something and actually passed on it. I *think* I am getting wiser and more mature? Am I actually learning how to say “when” and “no” more often?  Maybe?! (Although, just two months ago I did run a marathon with a torn calf. But that’s besides the point!) 

I know there will be other races – ones that I will be successful at and even more prepared. Did I really want my first 70.3 to be a complete struggle? A crash and burn?  So, I am planning on doing Austin 70.3 on October, 26th. Sign ups are open – but as you can imagine, I’m a little gun shy.  I’m sure after one awesome workout I’ll be so pumped that I’ll go right home and pull the trigger! But, I’ll keep y’all posted 🙂

Weekend wrap-up:Speaking of workouts…this weekend was very mediocre – with very little volume. It’s getting hot out – which I don’t want to use as an excuse but I certainly can’t push the same efforts. I did 8miles with my FRC buds on Saturday morning (9 miles is the most I’ve done on the road post injury so it’s not terrible) and 1.5 hour ride (partial indoor due to weather) + 3 mile run on Sunday. Thunderstorms also kept me out of the pool today! I know we need the rain, but this girl needs to keep to her training schedule! Lightening? Where?

In the meantime, I continue to train and prepare my mind and body for whats to come.  This summer I plan to do some short sprint triathlons to work on my transitions and get my feet back underneath me. That is, if I can re-activate my hibernating fast twitch muscles? And, that’s a BIG “if”

With that said, starting back track this week ! Thursday AM at Cobb – who is coming with me?



Julie SimonIt Happens for a Reason

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