Thankful Thoughts

Every year I am thankful for many things – a warm house to come home to, a husband that loves me for me, a supportive family over the miles and friends that “get me”

But, this year I want to add the gift of health and running to my list! Seems obvious, (maybe?)  but this is something I had taken for granted until recently when I found myself injured last February.

So, 2014 was a building year. It was challenging, I was out of my comfort zone – frankly,  I was pretty lost!  I was forced to try new things, be the rookie triathlete and had to let go of control.  (Something that is incredibility difficult for me!) Am I thankful for this experience? You bet.  It made overcoming those obstacles mean so much more as I crossed that half ironman finish last month.  (What a year in retrospect?)

I guess sometimes we need to come out on the other side to realize how truly blessed we are.  I know I did.  Now, I will never take for granted again the feeling of my feet hitting the pavement, the sound of my pumping heart, or the wind traveling across my body.  I am thankful for every stride that I am given and each run that I complete.  Running – an action that seems so simple –  yet, carries so much freedom and identity with it.

So, as we celebrate this season of thanksgiving, I am grateful for an able-body that keeps going after all I push it through, for the blessing of friendships and for all of God’s great and merciful gifts.   Happy Thanksgiving


“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going” – Beverly Sills



Julie SimonThankful Thoughts

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  1. Julie

    You’re a blessing and an inspiration!
    I’ve often worried you were pushing your self too hard only to realize that I often don’t push myself hard enough.
    Your positive attitude, pretty smile and persevering courage and strength to keep going have taught me a lesson or two.
    I am not an actual runner but I am running a race and you my friend have taught me to persevere by keepping a positive attitude, a smile on my face and to push through all obstacles no matter the cost.
    I am so thankful for you and all your friendship has given me.

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