Taking care of yourself… really?

The other day I was perusing Facebook on the bike trainer (I know, must not be working very hard, eh?)  but I came across one of the “breaking news stories” posted in my feed and thought ok, I’ll bite and clicked it. It read, “New Study is Wake Up Call for Diet Coke Drinkers”. This hit a little close to home and I read on…

Now, we all know that with the soda, artificial sweeteners, genetically modified foods, and processed treats we eat that we’re likely “just rolling the dice with the cancers and disease.” But, we still consume an incredible amount each week without a blink! (Myself still included!)

So, how many studies, warning signs and horror stories do we need to “scroll through” for it to sink in? Unfortunately for me, it was quite a few. But, it wasn’t until it affected my running that I finally started making some life changes!

For years I drank diet coke (coke zero) in crazy amounts. I can’t even say how many cans a day because I downed two liters and big gulps! But, I would tell myself “I was healthy, I was running well and this was my only vice!”  What I wasn’t seeing was the slow damaging chemicals in the diet drinks eating away at my bones (Hello stress fracture!) and stripping away important healing nutrients from my muscles like magnesium.

After getting injured, my body would not heal and I looked a little deeper at how I was fueling and taking care of my body as a whole. Ta-dah. It doesn’t take a registered nutritionist to figure this diagnosis out… (Although, it took one telling me so!) It was also at this time I turned to a gluten free lifestyle to help decrease the inflammation in my body (more on that later). I wanted nothing more to heal and run at my best. So, I finally listened.

You may ask… How did I do it? I remember it so clearly… It was a Tuesday early February 2014 when the doc strongly suggested some changes. That Wednesday I had two diet cokes, Thursday I had one (and that one didn’t taste very good) and I was done. Pretty much cold turkey!

This February it will be a year since diet soda has crossed my lips. I know that sounds crazy to those who remember my big gulp days. But, running strong feels better than soda tastes! And, sparkling water is a pretty darn good substitute 🙂19f7quri8lqtcpng


Julie SimonTaking care of yourself… really?

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