Sunday was “Off-the-Chain” #top10moments

Top 10 Moments from Sunday’s brick….

  1. Jeff mimicking an aero hydration system with his cheap-o bottle wedged between his aero bars. #ghetto
  2. Hamlin blowing his tire.
  3. Then it taking 3 dudes to change a tube. A Brit, A Nerd, and a Kayaker .
  4. Twice.
  5. Literally running my bike into Zach’s car. Oops!
  6. Getting dropped about 20 times.
  7. And hearing “it’s ok, no need to apologize for falling back”… Then, 10 seconds later … “Just effing pedal harder!”
  8. Zach LITERALLY hitting the side of his leg yelling “faster” like I’m a Churchill downs race horse.
  9. And, too tired to change to running shorts, I proceed to run in padded bike shorts that’s pretty much like running in a diaper. Upside? A-ok to pee yourself. (I didn’t)
  10. Then, after 50 slow, crummy miles (followed by a hot sticky 2 mile run) I stupidly sign up for the Hotter Than Hell Hundred bike rally?!! Why? #peerpressure


Brick'd.... a.k.a. Ran over.

Brick’d…. a.k.a. wrecked.



Julie SimonSunday was “Off-the-Chain” #top10moments

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