Stronger in the Off-Season

My arms won’t stop twitching, my legs are weighed down by my feet and I have NO rotation from the insane soreness in my core. If I move too quick my body could completely lock up… and all of the sudden the  mannequin challenge all starts to make sense?   Seriously, off-season strength training has started and I’m all in!

As triathletes, we often spend a lot of time training the discipline we’re best at or enjoy the most. Unfortunately, this doesn’t result in a stronger overall athlete – but does make for more enjoyable training sessions or an easier time getting out the door –  am I right? But Coach isn’t going to let me do easy runs everyday… believe me, I asked!

So this off-season I’m committed to becoming stronger – specifically on the bike. Which equals time at the gym and on the bike trainer. Two things I hate the most! In a way, I feel like I’m starting over … everything is hard again and I’m sore, like really sore! And progress is slow….like really slow!

My Trainers at Pod, Luke & Lawrence!

 To get started I joined POD Exercise. It’s a 30 min HIIT class that totally kicks your a$$ with a “WOD” – the workout of the day. I’m the resident newbie of the class and look like a total idiot every Monday, Wednesday and Friday attempting the “WOD” ..But you know what, I keep going back! Triathlon has taught me not to shy away from new things and even more, not to be afraid to suck a little. I have flashbacks of when I started cycling and it’s not all different?! I just need to set mini-goals, push myself and ask for help when I need it. My goal for January is to get through an entire class without feeling like I’m going to yack.  I know I will get there 😉

To layer on, I’m trying Spinervals to force myself out of my trainer comfort zone. Plus, I’m going to start riding to power – for reals!! I’m going to put my strength training to the test on the bike!!

When we’re constantly pushing forward and challenging our mind and bodies it’s easy to forget how far we’ve come. So, wherever you are in your triathlon or fitness journey take a moment to pause and reflect. For me it’s looking back at my bike progress .. what a difference a few years makes? Perhaps I’ll have a similar progression at POD? Join me and find out! You never know until you try… what’s your new goal the new year?  How are you going to get there?

A lot can happen in a few years…

Bring on 2017!

Julie SimonStronger in the Off-Season

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