Last week I hit 16 hours of training. That’s right, 16 hours on the bike, in the water or on the road running in the heat….oh this heat!  Usually I’m still sweating coming out of the shower — there really is no ‘clean Jules’ these days.  But that’s just part of my new normal right now – among other disturbing things.  There’s something about tri training that forces you to sacrifice areas of your life in ways you never even saw coming?  And with each season, I push myself further and have to give up just a little more to reach my goals.  Because as they say, nothing worth having is ever easy. 

Let me know if you can relate… 

Sweat pooling around you in the kitchen as you try to mix your recovery drink (slip!)

Trying to jump on your next conference call without sounding like you are still in zone 4…

Permanent suntan line from bike shorts – with no motivation to do anything about it.

Toenail finally growing back — the only one not painted of your 10 piggies? oh well, right?

Setting your clock 15mins fast because you refuse to look at 4:XX AM alarm – because that’s just wrong! 

Blaming your bike trainer for a big drop in power!  (Surely it must be rubbing?)

Wearing your workout clothes as real clothes – almost 100% of the time.  (Thanks StitchFix for keeping me somewhat civilized!)

Going to bed at 8:00pm because you literally can’t keep your eyes open another minute. CANNOT!

You start almost every sentence with “my coach said… “ with buzzwords sprinkled in like “volume, nutrition plan, FTP, race pace, sweat rate, swim stroke, heart rate, threshold, etc.” #annoying

The most exciting activities of the weekend are eating and training. That’s it. End of story.

Your wish list now includes things like a new disc wheel and NormaTech recovery boots. 

Every time you look at strava you think — oh crap, maybe I should of done that xyz workout like so-and-so?!   

Chamois cream is you BFF.

You have more of an appreciation and love for your husband/wife than you ever did before — because they are supporting you day in – and day out.   And likely picking up the slack!

What is all this?  It’s wanting to get to the next level. It’s putting in the work every day.   It’s finding balance.  Its being ok putting ‘life’ on hold.  It’s sacrifice.

My bike block continues as I reach training hours similar to what some people consider a part-time job.  And it’s only the beginning! Amongst the things you give up and struggle with daily, it’s important to remember why you’re doing it … what’s your why?

Triathlons are a lot of things to many people. They are an escape for some, a means to a healthier life for many, the thrill of competition for others and a stretch outside comfort zones for almost everyone. To me it’s all of these things!  I hadn’t realized that most of my life I was seeking something that I could call my own and really go after. The challenge of this sport drives me in a way nothing else did before. I have found my place…. and I love it here. #IMCabo

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Phil 4:6

Julie SimonSacrifice.

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