February RUNdown

“Jules, c’mon – get up here” The guys yell back to me as I fall behind again on the Saturday morning run. As I approach the trail thick trees hide all but the fluorescent t-shirt jeff is wearing and I focus intently on lime green to find my way.  My legs are screaming and my watch shows 3.89 miles. “Crap!” I think to myself as I realize we’re only a quarter of the way done. “I’m not going to make” I mumble to myself as I carefully place each foot down trying not to trip and fall…at this point, I’m barely picking up my feet.

We shuffled out 16 miles of trail and road that day but it was ugly. (Like really friggin U-G-L-Y) I couldn’t move – my body felt heavy, achy, tired and uncooperative. I felt like I got hit by a truck when we were done.

“What’s happening to me?”

They say, that even in our weakest moments running reminds us that we’re strong. Well, I haven’t been feeling very strong. As a matter of fact, every run is sluggish, slow and darn right awful. I can’t keep up with the crew, I can’t catch my breath and my legs won’t turnover. And track is an embarrassment. Frankly it all sucks. 

February marks the start of my run block and journey to the Boston Marathon in April.  This will be my first event of the year and I’m nervous. Boston is the running Mecca and an opportunity to run the same streets as the best athletes in the world … yet I can’t seem to make it up Stonebrook right now? I know there’s time, but mentally this is tough.  Focusing on tri has been my goal, don’t make any mistake about that, but the marathon, especially Boston, holds a special place in my heart.

But, I’m dusting off the Nike Frees and hitting the pavement (even if it feels like I’m starting from scratch…) and re-committing to the run. Pray that my legs cooperate and I find my fast twitch again… 

and if you see a blonde-haired girl yacking on the side of the road, don’t stop…. just be polite and ignore. Thanks in advance.

Prepared or not, Boston will be an experience to remember in many ways … but I can’t help but hope for a lime green pacer to help me to the Boylston Street finish?  #mentalgames #teamsport #BeBoston

Julie SimonFebruary RUNdown

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  1. Mey Duldulao

    Well, if it makes you feel better, I’ve felt the same way. Maybe you need a break, or maybe your body is telling you something. I had a really hard time with a 112 mile road race, turns out I was over training and my liver needed time to heal. Good luck with Boston!!!

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