The other day I found myself on the treadmill drenched in sweat and leaning forward ever-so-slightly, pounding one foot in front of the other. I was sucking in each breath like it was my last, barreling up a 5% incline repeating to to myself “Milwaukee, Milwaukee” (Similar to the way I would repeat “Boston” or “Heartbreak Hill” to motivate myself through tough runs)

Minutes before that workout an email popped in my inbox and I learned I qualified for USAT Age Group Nationals.
As I read that email I stood speechless as a big smile came over my face and a sense of accomplishment over my heart. I was shocked, really. “Was this real?”


The start of this training season has been challenging on all fronts – traveling, new role at work, starting a non-profit foundation, not to mention the rainy weather getting in the way! So, I’ve been a little discouraged and disappointed with the attention I’ve been able to put into my workouts. As I mentioned in my latest race recap, I didn’t feel sharp on the course that I qualified on (TexasMan) and walked away very determined to come back next time with a kick!! Well, I have some more new motivation now, eh? #Milwaukee #Louisville

Well, you ask, how is operation kick a$$ going since TexasMan? I started to incorporate more hill workouts to prepare for my next race, Buffalo Springs Lake. This well-known Texas 70.3 is quite frankly a b*tch! But, I guess I’m a glutton for punishment, but more importantly I know I need this kind of warm up race to get ready for Louisville’s bike course – over 5,000 feet of climbing! (I get a little nauseas just thinking about it…)

So, yes, running hills and climbing to get stronger but I’ve also added *a little* strength work which had gone by wayside for months… While I know this is uber beneficial for me, it’s also the first thing to go when I have three disciplines to do and 12-14 hours of workouts to fit each week. I probably shouldn’t have added hills + strength back in the same weeks. My legs wanted to come up off the ground and smack me! But, all came out ok.

So, here I am, still on my journey … with dreams bigger than me!


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