On the Road

The phone rings scaring me awake –

I glance at the clock and its 5:30am CET. I’ve been asleep for just 4.5 hours and it’s time to get up and run. “If you’re gonna go, you need to go now!” I think to myself.  My feet hit the floor and I open the curtains to a bitch black Barcelona morning. The city is quiet and closed up – I push back the negative thoughts floating in my head.  “Ok, I’m going…” I keep re-stating this to myself until I finally get dressed. I slip on Nike tempo shorts, a half zip and old “run flats” that pack easy.
As I head out from the lobby I think back to my mom telling me “not to run alone” and its “dangerous!” Again, I quickly push that to the back of my mind and think, “I will just sprint away if I need to?”  I’m sure that will make her feel much better hearing my solution 🙂

unnamedAs I start to jog down Las Ramblas I still can’t believe I’m functioning on 4.5 hours of sleep? It must be Spanish adrenaline? Or all the sugar in the wine… And to think we weren’t even out partying! We were having dinner – promise!  Everything in Spain is so late… Dinner doesn’t even get started until 8pm –  its a slow and enjoyed meal. So, I’ve barely digested my wine and tapas and now trying to run. (Possibly sprint – if anyone looks at me funny?!) 🙂

It’s a beautiful cool morning – I run imagining what it would be like to live here or to go out on one of the yachts at the marina?  The shops on Las Ramblas are just starting to open and the only other people out are runners – who I’m sure are tourists. No other Spanish people in their right mind would be out at this hour? I wave as I go by wondering if they’re going to Mobile World Congress too? Probably…unnamed-2

unnamed-4My watch pings “3miles” and I know I need to head back to Hotel Olivia, back to reality. I pray the all the way back for strength and energy to get through this day, this week, this quarter. I’m going to need it…

The new scenery, meeting new locals and even checking out new Texas trails in my home state has been refreshing lately. So, without realizing it, I’ve forced myself off the “training grind” ….and I think it’s been good for me? I hope I come out refreshed and ready to take on Ironman training heading into April! (And, I only panicked/ twitched a few times along the way… really, I promise!!)

So, while the road of life has taking me different places lately, and my training log has taken a bit of a hit…  I’m enjoying “the ride” for now 🙂




Julie SimonOn the Road

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  1. Julie

    Sooo HaPpY, you’ve slowed down a bit, teaming, that is, to enjoy your life! Love you sweetie! Obey your momma and don’t run alone, if you do tell someone how long you’ll be gone and the direction you’re headed, text it to someone you’re traveling with, use the app Road ID!
    Love, love you!! ?

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