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Hard to believe this was the Omos’ third annual summer trip to Dallas! The boys are growing up so fast and the time seems to be flying – which sounds so cliche but it’s the truth! My sister’s  family arrived the Wednesday after we got home from Montana.  We had two days to get ready to host the youngsters in our home but I honestly didn’t do anything! (Other than goodie baskets, of course!) That’s the best part about family – they don’t care if your house isn’t perfect or you don’t have everything planned out. They just go with the flow – easy breezy.



Well, we certainly filled the days and we all kept the boys busy while they were here! We went to Top Golf, a Rough Riders game, iFly (which we all did and was such a RUSH!), to Pole Position Race Track and plenty, PLENTY of ice cream and yogurt stops. I think we had ice cream almost every night – no joke! Hey, it was a special occasion! Calories didn’t count 😉  

Seeing the boys enjoy Dallas is so fun for me and Paul. But personally, one of the best parts of the trip is enjoying some sister-time. A whole week of Jenn + Jules  = awesomesauce!  Even if she kicked my butt in the lap pool – on every single set! And, had to hold back to hang with me on our group ride….I didn’t care, not one bit! I loved every minute of working out together, catching up over miles and grabbing those “adult beverages” that we earned 😉

I’m always amazed how much we’re alike and all the habits we share even though we’re 11 years apart in age and live over 1,100 miles away!  Each time we’re together we find something new we’re doing the same or have in common… “I use that same recovery mix!” or “I shop on the CLYMB now too!”  I can only imagine if we lived in the same town – we would be like two peas in a pod!

While they were here Jenn and I did a group ride out in the country with the guys on Saturday morning – which was beautiful by the way! The weather was perfect with just a little wind and temperatures in the 80s.   We went 40 miles on some rolling hills before calling it quits.  Before I even put my bike up Jenn and Hamlin were planning our trip over to the Tri Shop where we were going to sign up for the Aquathon on Sunday.  I had been contemplating all week but eventually I agreed to do the short course.  And off we went to sign up!

Jenn, Jules & Hamlin

Jenn, Jules & Hamlin

Long story short – it turned out it was a good idea 😉  I was first overall female and second overall finisher for the short course!  Who would of thought?!  And, I beat Hamlin to boot!  (Only by 14 seconds…)  I did the swim around high 13mins (750M) and the run around 24flat(5k).  I was definitely burning up though!  I was 3rd or 4th out of the water and I ran down those other girls – I could feel that my fitness was not where it should be.  OUCH! After I crossed the finisher line I could see those black spots in my vision and was a little (ok, very) unstable on my feet.  Jeesh.  Luckily, I held it together and I watched Hamlin and my sister come in at 2nd overall male and second AG respectively.  Great day for our group!  #podium

But, then I was down for the count the rest of the day – and it was only a short course!  I know I have some things to work on, but it felt good getting out there again and competing.  This was the first time since February 9 (I’m not counting that injured marathon performance in March) that I’ve raced.  You’ve got to start somewhere, right?  And, what better way to push myself back out there again than with my biggest support out there on the course with me.  See you in Austin, Sister.




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