Nutritional wake up call… back on track!

I’m sure everyone can agree, it’s been a fast start to the year! I’m thoroughly enjoying my off-season program and very excited about the changes Coach Soria is making to my program this time around. And while I’m a bit nervous, I can honestly say I’m happy he pushed me for a big 2018 race calendar. So, we’re priming the engine, setting the stage and getting ready to put in the REAL WORK!

As I’ve shared, after Cabo I was mentally and physically wiped…and I went through what I can only explain as a ‘rebound effect’ as my body rebelled against me! I abruptly hit my ‘off switch’ going from training 20+ hours/ week to only 5 or 6. Most would welcome all the rest but, no…it messed with me in ways I never experienced before. And I’m not just talking about the typical post-race blues…I felt sick, deeply tired, had no energy for the workouts I did do… and the worst part – I had a migraine *almost* everyday? What the hell was going on? I was starting a downward spiral …

So, I started letting my nutrition go ‘off the rails’ too because, why not? It was the holidays and myself, like everyone else in America felt the need to overindulge a wee bit. I wasn’t in-season and felt like crap anyway so why not bring on the wine, coffee and chocolate again!! ?

The result? I was even more miserable.

My coach had been asking me to visit with a nutritionist to better learn how to fuel my workouts and manage my race nutrition but I kept putting it off thinking, “I know what I’m doing! I have all my data and *obviously* have things under control…” [insert eye roll] Sometimes us ‘type-A triathletes’ can be real know-it-all pricks, eh?

Well, finally one night during our Colorado trip after some overindulgences, I didn’t know if I was going to puke or crap myself?! (Pardon the visual!) My stomach and head were just a mess and I downed another pack of tums and pepto to get through the trip. I knew things needed to change, this was a turning point… but how did I get here? How did I become that person drinking the ‘pink stuff’ all the time? Sick.

A few weeks later I met Dr. Amy Goodson, Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. We went through my program, my goals, my food journal, my FTP tests, and a whole slew of materials to develop my calorie and macro goals by day. Franky, it’s A LOT and fairly overwhelming for someone who hasn’t really managed this side of things before!!! I’m intimidated and know it will be a lot of work, but in the words of Coach Soria, “you can’t keep winging your nutrition and see results in the Ironman, Jules… it will get you” And you know what? Last season it almost did.

So, if I have to break up with my muscle milk, artificial flavored bars and vanilla coffee for awhile, I will knowing it’s a small piece of a bigger puzzle. And I respect myself and this sport too much not to give 110% in all areas. There are no shortcuts!

But the struggle will be real.

I know many of us are struggling with trying to fit a new puzzle piece into our lives. Whether it’s strength training, masters swim, nutritional coaching or getting off the couch! Whatever you have on your heart this season I hope you find yourself lifted up on your journey knowing you are not alone…


“Be strong. Be brave. Be fearless. You are never alone.”

Joshua 1:9

Julie SimonNutritional wake up call… back on track!

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