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After a few long rides I was certain I needed new bike accessories to look the part – even if I was a still a very “average”, well let’s be honest, “below average” cyclist.  You still need to look awesome, right? 😉So, after Saturdays ride I grabbed Paul from the home office and told him to wrap it up because we needed to make a trip to PlayTri.  I’m sure he was like, “oh great, he we go… More crap she doesn’t need and won’t use.”  But, he sweetly drove me over to McKinney and we popped into PlayTri.

PlayTri is a full triathlon and bike shop with coaching, retail, race management, and training groups.  Basically everything Triathlon!  I was in newbie heaven —  I could of bought up the whole store!
Paul was actually having fun too going from item to item, “Jules, do you need gloves?” Or, “Here are some saddles!” I’m certain this is more fun then following behind me at Nordstroms or Target, right babes?

my new gear ;-)  big thanks to paul for setting me all up!

my new gear 😉 big thanks to paul for setting me all up!

I was mostly in sticker shock for the first few minutes we were there.  I know triathlons are expensive but was reminded once again.  The first helmets we saw were $300+, water bottles and cages upward of $150 and cycling gloves starting at $55 (for cheapies!)  I did in fact get all of these items (and a saddle bag) but found more reasonable products and used my USAT discount to walk away right at $200. (For this trip anyway!)

I am most excited about my SpeedFil triathlon water bottle that goes in between my aero bars and has a straw (or hose) to drink from.  Mostly because I am not coordinated enough to reach down and grab a bottle from the cages under my bike without wobbling all over… yes, sad to report that  – but its true!  I also got a pink-trimmed Garneau black helmet, Hincapie cycling gloves and a larger saddle bag.  On my way to getting decked out 😉

And, big thanks to the PlayTri guys for helping me put it all together.  They were asking me a lot of questions like, “how many tubes do you carry?” and  “So, what do you use for _____?”    and I just shrugged my shoulders not having answers.  I don’t know how to change a tire and I just use whatever came on my bike — I haven’t changed any “components?” Sorry.  But, thanks for not making me feel like a complete dumbass, PlayTri!  (Although, I’m sure they had a good laugh when I left – but that’s beside the point!)

So, I’m one step closer to looking like a real cyclist and triathlete!  Am I one step closer to a being one?  Well, that’s a work in progress.

new helmet & gloves!

new helmet & gloves!


Julie SimonLooking the Part | PlayTri