Let Freedom RUN!

As a rule, I don’t do 5ks. I suck at them. I literally don’t have a fast twitch muscle in my body! If you double my 5k times – that is my 10k time. (Which is not far off from my 15k time and so on…) I’m just not one for speed.

But, at least once a year you can see me at one 5k – the Freedom Run.

The Freedom Run is put on by the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers (DAYL) . Paul is very active in DAYL and each year I’ll do this race to support him and the Freedom Run committee. The race supports the Assist the Officer Foundation which provides financial assistance to local first responder families in times of need.  The pre-race festivities are a very somber reflection on the events of 9/11.

This year Paul and Dustin sponsored two teams – which took on the form of an “A” Team and “The Other Team” 😉 My A Team was stacked with me and 4 other Frisco Running Club awesome dudes. The Other Team was Paul, Dustin, Lindsay and two others that weren’t really into running (Paul would counter that the “Other Team” have a life!) but agreed to come out to support!

The "A" TEAM

The “A” TEAM

We all had a great time and the weather was perfect. The rain left us alone yet humid but luckily no sun beating down like other years! The “A” team finished with a 23min average taking 5th. I ran a 22:12 getting beat by a 7 year-old-girl with a bow in her hair! I was duly impressed but I think she is going to haunt me in my dreams…. The good news? I didn’t see her in the beer tent 😉

Cheers to my awesome team and big thanks to Simon | Paschal for the sponsorship! We’ll start training for next year!



Julie SimonLet Freedom RUN!

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