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Last Saturday I saw some of my FRC buds at the Frisco Running Company grand opening. My pace group was just coming down Legacy as my eyes hit there’s. My smile grew ear to ear – I have missed them terribly! They were sweaty from the humid and windy day and were just coming in for a “quick” water break after 6 miles. We exchanged a few “sweaty hugs” and they gave me a few words of encouragement before they were off saying, “Jules, we don’t want to cool down, we’ve got to keep going – just stopping for water! 14 today!”


I turned to start my stupid walk trying to hold it together thinking, “I would of done the exact same thing to any one of them!” Blown them off in an instant for the sake of progress and keeping my splits consistent. No doubt, I was crazy just like each of them.  But now, I’m just on the other side of the fence – it’s lonely – but let’s not dwell.  Not long ago Saturday would come and if I couldn’t crank out at least 10-12 miles thenI would think, “Why even get out of bed?”


My mom would say I was addicted.  Non-runner friends would say I was crazy. (Which, I started to take as a compliment, because, why not?) Paul would consistently get annoyed because our entire household schedule was around marathon training and long runs. Friday night Happy Hour?  Probably not.  (Have you ever tried to run a 17-miler after a few beers?) Brunch with Friends?  Nope, not that either – I need to recover and ice the bod! Does your weekend party start late?  I won’t be there.  Early long run!you know you're a runner when...


I would justify everything because I wasn’t as “deep in it” as the next runner.  I always knew another athlete going longer, working out more and cutting out more social engagements than me.  So, I always felt like I had a good balance.  But, I just kept drinking the kool-aide folks!  (Maybe I still am?)


But, running double-digit miles for fun is a little crazy, right?  (Or, so I hear?) Through the years I’ve received a lot of WTH type of questions: “What do you think about running for so long? “Do you bring music?”  “Where do you go to the bathroom?” “Don’t you get tired?”


For me having the right group by my side makes all the difference in the world! They push me to levels I would have never seen and support me on days I don’t think I’m going to make it! I’m not sure where I would be without my Frisco Run Club peeps?  (And their sweaty hugs!)

With the FRC who knows how far I’ll go? “Distance is Relative” – Hamlin Jones

My FRC Gang!

My FRC Gang!



Julie SimonMy kind of crazy – FRC

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