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Last week I took a tour of Frisco with my Leadership class – we learned about the new development coming to our city, how the buildings we have now came to be and even a few historic spots still around today!
As the tour continued, the A/C on the city bus became louder and louder. Eventually, the guides voice became similar to the wonk wonk voice from Charlie Brown. I started to zone out enjoying the sunny view outside my window…. ahhh.  In a seat by myself, I looked out noticing many parts of the city I had not noticed before by car – only explored on foot – running. I yearned again for that freedom to just “get lost!”
I began to remember the time Hamlin, Alan and myself *literally* got lost trying to see if Stonebrook went all the way through to the tollway. (FYI – It didn’t as of October 2013 for you Friscans) That day we made a 10 mile EZ run into an unexpected 18 Mile mud-run-obstacle course! “Julie, stop being such a girl!” Agh, I was cursing that rain the night before and all the construction equipment along our paths!   But, we made it – teamwork!To this day, my purple Nike Frees are still covered with mud in the garage…. Actually, I have about 8 pairs in the garage that I can’t seem to part with yet! But, that’s another story….


mud run?

mud run?

The bus took a turn on Research Drive going south towards the soccer field and there it was – Julie Trail. I had joined the FRC on a wim the summer of 2012 seeking some friends for my long runs while I was preparing for the 2012 DC marathon.  Well, I made a splash – or an impression – that’s for sure. On one of my very first long runs with the group we headed out on a trail tucked behind the club.  This was a brand spanking new pace group. I maybe knew two of their names – maybe. (I still think) a giant branch hooked my foot and I went down –  hard  – scraping both knees and my wrist badly. I jumped up quickly – “I’m fine, I’m fine – let’s go!”  Of course my heart was pumping from the run and the blood gushed from my wounds. “Oh my God, Julie… you’re bleeding everywhere!”  Damn. I was.I literally rubbed my wrist and knees with my shirt and finished the 16 miles scraped up. To be fair, there was a 5k going on at the Trails and they had a first aide kit so I was able to get cleaned up a little… And, then I ran that 5k… because, why not?

still running with -- scraped up an all!

Running the Trails 5K  — scraped up but still smiling 😉


Till this day I hear, “pick up your feet” and “Julie watch out!” When the littlest of branch is on the sidewalk.   But, that was the start of many, many of Julie mishaps.  And,  that trail behind the club where I made my “trip-and-fall- debut” is now most definitely “Julie Trail”  But, I know my FRC peeps are there to pick me back up – every time! 🙂

And, perhaps “Julie Trail” will make the Frisco bus tour next year?  I’ll work on that.

Julie SimonJulie Trail

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