Injury Strikes More Than Just Your Body!

February 9. The last day I went for a pain free run. The last day I felt invincible. The last day I covered any ‘real’ distance.

It’s been over two months that I’ve been sidelined by injury now and to say that life has changed.. Well, that is an understatement.  I’ve seen 5 doctors (hoping one would tell me I was miraculously healed?), spent WAY to much time on Web MD, stretched and foam rolled anything and everything and *finally* realized there was no “quick fix” besides time and rest.
During this time I’ve “lost it” on several occasions, cried myself to sleep, envied runners from afar, tried to look at my “swim and bike only” regime as a triathlon gain — but I miss pounding the pavement way too much. I miss starting the day working out my problems on the road, feeling the endorphins wash away the worry and stress.
Everyone would say, “enjoy the time off!” But, Saturday mornings are the worst!  (I still find myself watching the Saturday weather to check out long run conditions! Jeesh!) I wake up early and have no where to go. No run pals, no direction, no path to calm.
A few weeks ago my mind started to come around (a little) and my body seemed to follow suit.  I am starting to heal both inside and out. I know that God has plans for me to learn and become stronger through this healing process. I am still learning what that all will be?  But, in the mean time I pray for patience and strength as he leads me down His path.
Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us
Hebrews 12:1
Julie SimonInjury Strikes More Than Just Your Body!

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