What I’m reading this week…

There is so much great information out on the web for athletes.  I find myself getting lost on Facebook and Twitter not because I’m stalking my high school buddies or in awe of what my neighbors are doing on Saturday afternoon — but, because of the inspiring athletes I see in the groups I’ve joined.  Because of the new and interesting races being announced….Foam Fest & Zombie Run?  And most of all, because of the articles that pull me in like a moth to flame.  “Are you overtraining” “Best Fuel for Your  Run” and “Injury Prevention for Runners” are all sure to bring me to a scrolling halt with a click.

So, what am I reading this week?  It all depends on where I am with my training and where my focus lies at the moment.  When I was injured I read every article I could find on coming back strong and future injury-prevention.  But, now, as I find my soles hitting the pavement again and my bike getting some pitiful use, this is where you’ll find my eyes wonders on that addictive iPad late night…

What is Jules Reading?  This stuff!

What is Jules Reading?

A Two Year Journey From Beginner to Professional Triathlete | TrainingPeaks  Since I am a beginner I love to read the accounts of those who began from square one. These stories keep me going on days I don’t think I can! http://ow.ly/xAS4F

Five Running Books You Should Be Reading The only books I read (if I make it through an entire book – which hasn’t happened since reading “Born to Run” in 2011)  will be one of these winners! http://ow.ly/xASgS

6 Injury-Reducing Exercises for Runners Even if I feel I’ve “Seen ’em all” I always look for the NEW  ways to stay healthy and strong while hitting the pavement! http://ow.ly/xASvR

Racing in the Heat – Are you Ready? This article needs no preface or explanation  – Texas heat is no joke! http://ow.ly/xASzO

Good-bye Gluten Since going gluten free a few months ago, I’m still learning how to properly fuel my body for workouts.  (More on my new lifestyle later!) http://ow.ly/xASRM

What are you reading this week?   And, did you get out and celebrate National Running Day?!  

Julie SimonWhat I’m reading this week…