Ice, Ice Baby!

I can’t believe it took me months of icing with frozen corn bags to finally find these awesome cold therapy wraps. Hallelujah! 

Leave it to Gram to fill me in about these icy gems. She told me they were at CVS – which I’m sure they are.  But, like every hot-blooded Gen Y gal I jumped on Amazon. Two days later a prime box arrived and viola! 

Before it would take me a good 5 minutes to set up “Ice Camp!”  Imagine me cozied up in the big chair with my leg extended trying to secure “just the right amount” of frozen veggies in the perfect spot. And,  it wouldn’t matter if it was 90+ degrees outside I would still need a blanket because all that ice on my body would freeze me out! (Wimp, I know!) Then I would need my iPad, phone, remote control and a beverage all within reach to help pass the ice-down time. Really quite a process. Oh, and if I had to go potty?  It was all over…  Start again!

Dinner time also became awkward a few times too… “Paul, don’t eat my “leg corn!'”  “Your what?!” He would look at me like a crazy person?  (Who knows how many times that has been thawed and re-froze?) Yuck!  So, he may or may not have accidentally eaten some leg corn?! #mumstheword

So, ice cold therapy wraps to the rescue! Now, I can walk around the house, do chores, play with the doggies all while icing! And, everyone may have dinner at our home again when veggies are on the menu 😉

Good-bye Ice Camp. Hello Freedom. 


Here’s the one I bought :

BrownMed Ice Packs:

Please ignore the doggie licking his junk.

Please ignore the doggie licking his junk.

Julie SimonIce, Ice Baby!

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