Hello FAC!

I’ve been on the fritz from running since February and therefore been sentenced to swimming and cycling as my only forms of workout.  Trying to make the best of it, I joined the Frisco Athletic Center for the pool.  Besides, I was beginning to get odd looks from the trainers at the Frisco YMCA for the amount of time I would spend on the spin bike … like, “is this girl ever going to leave?” “I bet she doesn’t eat either?”  I felt like yelling out  “I’m not a calorie-counting freak but an endurance athlete trying to get in her miles!”   But, before I went off at someone I figured more time in the pool was in order.  (Not to mention, “who can talk on the phone and “workout” on the elliptical?”)  I needed some time away from the gym rats.  Off to the wild waves of chlorinated waters….  And for real this time! (I had tried squeezing in a quick swim between teaching classes at the Town North Y – which translated to almost never 🙁 )

Joining a new gym is like joining a new sorority.  I feel like I’ve been going through pledging! It’s been a bumpy road learning all the inner workings of a new place I’m about to call home.  Each gym has it’s own personality, it’s own character, it’s own groupies!  Where can I fit?  I’m not sure yet.  But, I imagine a day not far from now I’ll feel like a real part of the FAC clan .  And, perhaps even wear those “FAC” letters with pride?  Or, maybe not – but you get the idea 😉

Well, since my inaugural visit at FAC I’ve learned a few things.  Call it my “pledge week” if you will …

  • They have no soap in the showers.  Nope. Definitely had to use my prissy girlie shampoo to wash the body.
  • Wait for it… no towels in the showers either!  Yes, it’s bring your own towel too.  I made the mistake of once not knowing and a second time forgetting to bring a shower towel.  (And, I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve gotten pretty good at drying off with a hand towel big enough to wipe down an ab roller.)
  • So, string leopard print suits are frowned upon? Just kidding. (Sorta)
    Frisco Athletic Center Pool

    Frisco Athletic Center Pool

  • Swimmers DO NOT share lines – hence the side eye glare I got from the skinny Asian when I tried to “sign” that I was joining Lane 4. Try again Simon.  Try again.
  • All the athletic equipment is upstairs so it’s like a friggin sauna all the time.  Now, I hate to be cold more than anything in the world but I wasn’t expecting Bikram elliptical and Bikram cycling?
  • I need to hang onto my membership card.  Yep, I have barely been a member one week and I have lost my card.  It’s $5 to replace – can you imagine how many of these I am going to go through this year?  I am thinking about hiding it in somewhere in the FAC lobby for safekeeping?  Surely no one would mind?

Trying something new is always a little intimidating – just gotta keep the bigger goal in mind.   See you at the FAC!Every Accomplishment

Julie SimonHello FAC!

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