What happens on the run…

What happens on the run… Stays on the run.

So, I’ve said it before – Endurance training is not easy. Actually, it’s really friggin hard. There are bitter cold early mornings where snot literally freezes to the inside of your nose. And, scorching summer days where sweat is dripping down your leg so much that it feels like what it isn’t… (And, you don’t really care because you welcome the cool down)

But it’s not just the weather we battle. There is blood, sweat, tears..chafing, blister popping, … And sometimes maybe a poop. (No names)

This can bring out the best and worst in people – that’s why I say, your running family probably knows you better than anybody! And, I am in love with mine!

For all runners – new and veterans, it’s important to have a support group that not only pushes you to be your very best – but picks you up when you fall. (In my case, quite literally.)

Here are a few quotable moments from my recent group runs. You’ll see we are a nutty group and poke fun at each other quite a bit. But most of all our group encompasses ¬†love, friendship, laughter and commitment to the sport.

(Note: these are the most appropriate ones for web…)

“I can’t find satellite” – Jules (Can you find the Road? – Ham)

“You don’t train that fast but you’re such a friggin gamer, Jules” – Jeff

“Don’t be such a little Wussie” -All of us to Jimmy

Gluten free diets are for the birds. You’re an athlete and need some damn carbs!” -Zach to Jules

“Do they have couch to ironman programs?” – Larry

“Oh, you don’t want to do hills today? You don’t want to get better? Ok.” -Zach

“Don’t b*tch out at 8miles today – I mean it. I need you Jules!” -Bridget

“Oh, this is your tempo run? That was my easy day.” – Genz

“I just kicked my own a$$” – Daniel

“You need to just stop and call it. YOU ARE DONE. Forget your schedule for one damn day!! – Zach to Jules

“Is that a 2007 marathon shirt? Yeah, it’s vintage – like Jeff!” – Jules

“Don’t be such a Nancy!” -Alan

“This sucks today! But sure feels better than sitting on the couch.” – Matt

“Julie… STICK!!! Don’t trip!” – Larry

We’re going 18 today? I thought you said 8?! – Crystal

“What fueling Strategy? Just run” – Ham

“I think ELF just showed up to run. Nope, it’s just Jimmy guys…” – Larry


“Thanks for suffering with me” – Bridget

That’s what it comes down to really. Knowing someone is by your side traveling with you on this journey – out there suffering with you! I love the sarcasm, the digs, the foul language and the laughter – it’s what gets us through some of the toughest miles. ¬†Knowing this crazy group is waiting for me every Saturday is what gets me out the door… And, I’m sure they would say the same.

Love you guys!

Julie SimonWhat happens on the run…

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