A weekend of  “growth” happened about two weeks ago.  Took me by surprise.  Whoever said “Life is what happens when you step out of your comfort zone” was spot on.  While these 5 actions weren’t monumental by any means, for a girl struggling with training goals and life in general lately, it felt good.  Really good. Even if it was just small steps outside my comfort zone 😉  

  1. I rode over half my 70miler ALL BY MYSELF!  Yep, 40 miles riding solo – just me and the road (and some angry cars flipping me some not-so-friendly hand signals) but a peaceful solo ride nonetheless! I would have never even attempted that earlier this summer! Growth!
  2. I stayed in Aero position almost the whole time! Could it be true? I’m getting more comfortable maneuvering on my tri bike?! I think so!
  3. I stayed in my big chain ring the entire ride (Yes Paul – it’s true!) I tend to chill out in my small ring so I can keep my cadence up and physically make the milage. Phew! But, consequently, I have a hard time keeping up with the big boys! Getting stronger 😉
  4. I was a race spectator. Yes, and not one time did a I feel like I NEEDED to be on this course too! For reals! I was completely comfortable cheering Paul and my FRC friends on – taking joy in their accomplishments and watching them cross the finish. I was the “bag lady” and running from place to place trying to catch a glimpse of our speedy friends! I don’t want to brag, but I was a damn good cheerleader in high school. It’s still in the blood I guess? 😉10665702_10152423608881687_6814790597241563512_n
  5. Not so great,  I missed girls weekend…. but was really “ok” with it. I’m learning to let go and take care of my mind and body more than before. Training season takes over my life – but it’s just that – a season. I’m learning to “let go” and put myself first.  And, I’m totally comfortable with that – more than ever.

This past weekend was a comedy of errors out on the road! But, we got our miles in! More on that later… 😉  20 days till Austin (but who’s counting?)

Julie SimonGrowth