Goodbye June, Hello July


And then it was July? 

When I look back at June I am pleased with some of the “mini goals” I have hit – my first 50 mile ride, a time trial mile swim in 25 minutes and finally achieving double digits in a single run (10, but hey- that counts!)

On the other hand, I look at my overall volume and realize I have a long, long way to go! I haven’t had any “real” saddle time and I’ve done maybe two brick workouts that felt just miserable 🙁 And, while I schedule three swim sessions a week I’ve gone maybe 2X/week at the very most! Yikes..

But, there is no time for excuses.  Just reflecting, improving, and pressing on.

This month I also started using to log my workouts.  I am in love! It syncs with my garmin to capture all of my data from heart rate to distance to elevation and routes. Although, I tend to have trouble with this sync feature,  I’m sure it’s just a  “jules user error” because no one else I talk to seems to have an issue?! Anyway, while I’ve always had a regimented schedule from my coach, I’ve never actually tracked my workout stats week-to-week. So, I think this tool will be just the ticket to understand my body better and achieve more.

Training peaks also has upgraded features where you can hire a virtual coach, order training plans, etc. It’s pretty nifty.

So, with one month under my belt, I’m signing up today for Austin 70.3! Pulling the trigger. No turning back.

Cheers to a summer of sweaty miles, GU for breakfast, helmet hair, spandex instead of bikinis and a 2014 I won’t forget…. #cantstopwontstop

Monthly recap: 

303 Miles Cycling

93.7 Miles Running

15,700 yards Swimming

3 Hours of Cross Training

2 Hours of Strength

June Volume Breakdown

June Volume Breakdown

Julie SimonGoodbye June, Hello July

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