Finding Patience

‘Haven’t they figured out what’s wrong with you yet?’

Yes, I get asked that all the time… almost daily!  And the only answer is ‘I’m a work in progress yo!’  

My doctors constantly tell me, ‘I’m a complicated case’ or “I have so many variables’ … but I just take it in stride – making sure to follow the treatment plan best I can!  Migraines, especially for women, are hard to pinpoint.   

But most of all, I’m praying.  I’m praying for healing, answers and help – this is what I know I can do.  Everything else is really out of my hands… it’s in His hands. 

I know my testimony will breathe life into someone else going through something similar – another life circumstance where it feels like no answers, a continued struggle and a time in what feels like quicksand. In my devotional I keep being reminded about TRUST… REMEMBERING TO PRAY and KEEPING THE FAITH.  I feel like God is talking right at me … telling me He’s here, not to worry and that he’s got my path already planned out. 

I remember standing at the start line before races… it’s when I could really feel God’s presence .. when the National Anthem played I would close my eyes and pray that he would be with me ‘stride for stride’ as I raced … Today, I may not be running towards a finish line … but I can still feel that anchor in my soul pulling me towards a proverbial finish.  Just like running a marathon, in life we are presented with doubt, difficulties, rocky paths and fear … but instead of looking down, let’s look up! 🙂 

Don’t get me wrong, I have struggled and continue to work through a lot of this still!  To be real for a second, Paul and I have had a lot of difficult news on this journey.  But I know I can’t rush God’s plan… as much as I want to hit fast forward. Our struggles grow seeds of faith in us and for others.

I’m blessed to have such a strong amazing man by my side and for the strength of so many prayer warriors over me.  

Romans 12:12

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Julie SimonFinding Patience

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