Finding Joy…

I was walking this morning thinking how last year I was in Michigan out walking with my dad at this time. He was giving fatherly advice, as dads tend to do! It centered around ‘getting priorities together’ and learning to slow down. (With a few jokes tossed in of course!) My life at that time was moving faster than I could even hang on!! I was overwhelmed, exhausted and couldn’t keep up. But it was all I knew and anything else seemed scary to me for some reason? 

As I reflect back I see how even in the crazy chaos of 2020 how God has worked so much of this into my life… in some ways it seemed forced and didn’t come easy … and sometimes I was sad, angry and super frustrated !! Chronic pain is not something I wish on anyone and migraines are the worst !! However, when I look back at the last year I see God’s hand in it all and at the same time I learned to trust Him even more!! One of the biggest changes this year dealing with illness is that my faith is stronger than ever. So often when things are going well we rely on our own ways… it’s often in our deepest struggles that we truly learn to trust and give it all over! 

There’s still a lot of unknowns for me and Paul – but the fear and angst has found a way out of me. I don’t dwell and worry quite like before. ( And I’m a major type A planner and worrier!!) I have learned to be more thankful in *all circumstances* and trust wholeheartedly.

I pray that you can SEE the good in this past year as well … and as Pastor John shared last Sunday, choose joy in 2021!

Psalm 46:1

God is our refuge and strength,
    an ever-present help in trouble.

Julie SimonFinding Joy…

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