Familiar Pain

On a bad day it’s hard to remember just how far you’ve come…. 

I hate ‘giving in’ to major meds to manage the pain, but after days of no true relief – I found myself at the Headache clinic by 7:45AM this morning for an emergency IV ! 🙁   

To me, this feels like I’m losing – but at the same time I couldn’t afford to LOSE anymore of my life to migraine this week. 

I’ve had more tests lately than I care to admit – measuring absolutely everything and anything!  Frankly, it’s all a bit overwhelming! But what they can’t quantify in any test, scan or ultrasound is my heart.  That my friend, is STRONG! 

Anyone can show up when you feel good, but the tough ones show up when you don’t.  I show up for my life every day – I have to – anyone with chronic pain knows this! Even Paul doesn’t quite understand the pain I overcome to even get out of bed most days… the smiles I force through the nausea … the dizziness that creeps up.  This follows me everywhere… 

I think, actually, I KNOW this is why I was gifted in endurance sports – I had been enduring so much for years. Pain was very familiar to me – I was able to dissociate it better than most, press on and get to that finish. 

I pray that there is a finish here for me soon in this migraine journey  – or at least and aide station 😉  

Julie SimonFamiliar Pain

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