Cure for the post-race blues?

I’m kind of in a funk today… It’s rainy, dark and cold outside. And perhaps for the first time since February I need a jacket. The chill of fall is in the air and Facebook is blowing up with race updates everywhere – fall running season is definitely underway! I secretly dream of nailing a half marathon and getting back on the road. But, I know better…. I cannot do that yet. While the shiny ironman finish has worn off, so has my fitness – especially my speed :-/

Not having a schedule to commit to each week is refreshing for most folks, but for me I’m a bit lost? But on the other hand, I can’t seem to run 5-6 miles without my legs on fire and wanting to crawl into bed after? I can’t still be recovering, right? Nope, I’m just out of shape!!

Thursday I ran 6 miles at 9:10 average and was so sore and tired I could barely move the rest of the day – WTH? It’s hard to believe I ran 26 miles at 9:08 average just one month ago… damn. It’s depressing, humbling and frigging sucks! I’ve never had post-race blues before … But I might be headed for it?

And, all of this is happening at the exact time I need to decide if I want to do ANOTHER Ironman. Registrations are closing for fall 2016 (yes, already – I know!!)  and I haven’t even wrapped my head around IMLouisville 2015 yet? With every free moment I sit and wonder, ” Is this something I want to put myself through again? Can I really put my friends, family , work and sweet husband through IM training AGAIN?” The sacrifice is real and I feel selfish taking time away to train, spending lots of $$ and taking another “time out” from the real world.

“Dominate the half” Paul’s says to me. Yeah, but there is something about the Full Ironman that has my heart now…

I love it.  I love everything about it. And if there is anything I’ve learned over the past week or so, it’s that no day is ever given.  Take a chance, do what you love and no regrets.


See you at Ironman Arizona 2016!!

Let’s see if this helps the post-races Blues?




Julie SimonCure for the post-race blues?

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