Conquering Windhaven

As we approached the holiday weekend everyone would ask, “What are your plans for the long weekend?” With a sigh and a smirk I would reply, “Training of course!” And, that’s exactly what I did…. It may be slow, but I’m getting back in the game!


After a tiring and somewhat emotional week leaving the Y, my hopes weren’t high for a successful morning ride on Saturday. Yet, I prepared the night before and got my butt to “The Store” to meet the guys for wheels down at 6am. I was hoping to cover *maybe* 30 miles … but they wouldn’t let me quit. Actually, they brought me to the toughest place to ride in the area – Windhaven hill. (Damn them!) I swear they get off on watching me huff and puff and almost yack on my bike! 

Now, I’m not sure of the exact incline of this puppy but let me tell you – it starts out a slow steady climb then peaks fast at the top just at the exact moment you’re about to die….then you have to climb MORE! Excellent training tool? Maybe? New rider torture? Yeah, that’s more like it. 

Selfie after conquering Windhaven Hill

Selfie after conquering Windhaven Hill

Well, I made it… barely. I literally had to use rhythmic breathing like a women in labor to ensure I received enough oxygen for my trek of torture. I had to fight so hard my quads quite literally were on fire. I was up out of the saddle fighting for my life going, like, 6 miles an hour. It was a sad sight.As I came over the top there were the guys, with a smiling sarcastic cheer, thanks 😉  Wouldn’t expect anything less.

We stayed there a second near the top of Windhaven to catch our my breath. (Thank God!) But, soon we were off to finish our 50 mile ride. Yes, another 50 miler in the books! During our ride the guys were talking about doing the Hotter Than Hell Hundred as part of their build for IM training this summer. The sound of that just makes me twitch – yowzers! 100 miles in the heat of summer? Jeesh, sounds way out of league! But, then again so did Marathons just a few years ago?   #reachingfurtherphoto

Julie SimonConquering Windhaven