Austin 70.3

In a blink.Just like that my first 70.3 was in the rear view mirror. All those tireless weekends out on the bike, early morning swims and track workouts were left on the Austin course Sunday afternoon. And, I sure did leave it ALL on the course! Every last bit I had in me. On Friday Zach, Jamie and I left …

Julie SimonAustin 70.3

Hotter N’ Hell 100

Hotter N Hell Hundred sure lived up to it’s name!  It hit a steamy 102 degrees by the time we “rolled” back into Wichita Falls for our group finish. We started at 7am covering the 100mile course in approximately 7hours – finishing at 2:15pm with a 16.5mph average.  Not too shabby for a girl who hasn’t rode over 60 miles …

Julie SimonHotter N’ Hell 100


Julie Simon4:09:43

Virgina Beach Marathon – injured or not!

March 16 was the Virginia Beach Marathon – my hope for this years BQ. However, after a month “off” and still nursing a calf injury that ended up being worse than I thought (more on that later) I had to make a decision to pull out or not?!?! With the amount of time I pondered over this (and the professional …

Julie SimonVirgina Beach Marathon – injured or not!