Back in the pool …

This week I started my tri training program again which meant 3 days a week back in the pool! I knew it would be a little challenging given that I’ve been 3 months chlorine free… but, what a struggle!  The first dip felt like the first day of school — frightening & exciting all at once.

On several occasions I had that tingling feeling up and down my body – you know the kind you experience just before you pass out? And, two thoughts cross my mind 1) If you pass out in the water, is that just drowning? 2) I hope the 17-year-old lifeguard is actually paying attention!

But, besides escaping a near drowning incident day one, a few other mishaps found a way into my swim sessions…

UnknownLosing my pull buoy day one. A.K.A. forgetting it in the ladies locker room then assuming everyone in the pool stole mine. (I bet in an attempt to make a profit speedo made a few other black and white pull buoys, yet I will still point fingers!)

Having to share a lane with an old man with a snorkel (who gave me a run for my money to boot!). Thanks for the confidence boost, geezer.

Forgetting my Garmin on day two. Now, since I can’t count laps worth a damn this was quite unfortunate. However, it was nice to NOT have instant feedback that I was sucking instantly uploaded and saved forever in training peaks… So, I digress.

Chatty Cathy’s in the next lane… You know the type – they spend more time standing at the wall chit chatting than actually swimming? Why they feel the need to loop me in I don’t know but I’m like a moth to a flame with these folks. And, Friday we talked about everything from Fitbit not tracking swims to wetsuit legal IM’s. #simonneedstoswim

Somehow I lost *almost* all my strength, conditioning and technique over 3 months? My back shoulders and ARMS were killing me! So much that I could barely lift my arms to wash my hair! Or, carry my work bag, groceries or dry cleaning this week… And that’s when it hit me– welcome back to training days!

Louisville or bust!

Julie SimonBack in the pool …

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